Description: The material contained in this presentation is particularly illustrative of the dangers of inattention to potential threats in situations where people tend to be complacent or distracted, and offers excellent opportunities to teach specific, potentially life-saving behaviors in response to those threats. The course is intended for adults of all ages, including teens ages *15 and up. Although some physical self-defense moves are incorporated and demonstrated during the course of the training, the course focus is on specific recognition and avoidance techniques. 

The “Survival Mindset” mentality is embedded in the philosophy that; although we can never assume that we are completely safe, there are some basic pro-active techniques that when applied, can significantly reduce your chance of becoming a victim and may potentially safe your life. Course content will include;

  • How parking and approaching your vehicle can help keep you safe
  • What to do if your vehicle breaks down
  • Identifying safety zones
  • Sexual Offenders. “Know who is out there.”

Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Have acquired skills that are essential in integrating personal safety measures into their daily lives
  • Identify techniques helpful in recognizing and avoiding a potential violent encounter
  • Be exposed to basic law enforcement safety principals designed to raise awareness and help keep you safe
  • Know the most important thing to remember in the event you are the victim of an attack.

Delivery Methods:
This course incorporates lecture, PowerPoint, video and actual demonstration. 

*This presentation is designed to provide factual information on actual cases of violent crimes. Simulations of violent activity and/or behavior that may occur in situations are also included. The information is designed to be accurate and authoritative in regard to the subject matter presented. Material contained in this presentation my not be suitable for children under the age of 15.

“The time to think about what you will do in the event that you are the victim of an attack is not during the attack.” -Donna Kinsey 

© TEC III 2014


This course defines ‘sexual harassment,’ and identifies the importance of organizations to have policies and procedures in place to address inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Rights and responsibilities of both the victim and the accused are discussed. Training at every level of the organization is recommended in this interactive and role-play exercise course.


Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Whisper… just a few of the many mobile applications that young teens are using today to communicate and express themselves, but with advances in technology comes widespread concern among both parents and educators not only about what young teens are texting and posting, but also who is watching. 

Students sharing personal information, posting explicit photos and connecting with strangers continues to be a growing trend and is becoming an epidemic among young teens. Most often students do not recognize the dangers of such behaviors nor are they aware of the potential consequences associated with their actions. 

This course is designed to teach students and parents about the dangers of potential threats associated with today’s social media.


Women often lead stressful lives. We regularly attempt to juggle the pressures of working a full time job while being a mother and a wife. At times the demand for our attention to everyday mundane responsibilities encompassed with the relentless pressure that we place on ourselves to fix everything, results in a sense of frustration to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. This course is designed to help women take a step back, examine their self-worth and recognize their valuable contributions to their spouses, children and family. 

This course is designed exclusively for women and is intended to promote change in the participant’s personal and professional life. This course supplies attendees with an understanding of the importance of prioritizing and how to achieve a more balanced and stress-free environment. 

Participants will hear true life stories and examples of failures that ultimately led to success. Self Esteem, Dealing with Stress, Motivation, and Goal Setting will be discussed in this lecture based and interactive seminar. Group work and laugh-out-loud competitive exercises make this presentation a session to remember.